upcoming events

Project Citizen Training
June 10-11, Sept. 12-13 

Street Law Training
June 12-13 

Law for Teachers Training
June 16-18           

S.C. Supreme Court Institute Training
June 23-27   

Foundations Training
July 8-10   

SE Project Citizen Institute (Clemson)
July 13-18

We the People (High School) Training
July 15-16

We the People (Elem. and Middle School) Training
July 17 

LawForKids.org Training
July 21

Mock Trial Training
July 22, Sept. 16

Youth Court Training
July 23-24

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Cynthia H. Cothran
LRE Director
Oversees all programs

Marian Kirk
LRE Program Coordinator
Supports all programs and competitions

Donald Lanier
LRE Coordinator
Supports Community Works, Street Law, Foundations of Democracy, School Resource Officer trainings 

Krystina Ludlow
LRE Coordinator
Supports Project Citizen, Youth Court, School Grants, marketing, Law Day, Constitution Day and newsletters

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lre news
Welcome to the second edition of LRE News! We hope this newsletter will be a useful tool. It was created to provide information on LRE news, programs and events for those involved with LRE programs. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

LRE is a “one-stop” shop for teachers, SROs, pre-service teachers and attorneys. Professional development trainings are provided throughout the year on programs such as:

  • We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution;
  • We the People: Project Citizen;
  • Community Works;
  • Street Law;
  • Youth Court;
  • Mock Trial;
  • Foundations of Democracy;
  • LawForKids.org;
  • Law for Teachers; and
  • S.C. Supreme Court.

New Program Available: LawForKids.org
Do your students have questions? Do they need answers? Don’t let the students leave for the summer break without knowing about this fabulous online program for kids. On February 1, 2008, the South Carolina Bar Law Related Education Division launched LawForKids.org, a new Web site dedicated to teaching children about the law. LawForKids.org was created with the specific goal of educating South Carolina’s youth, parents, communities and schools about the law and to encourage lawful behavior. The Web site includes an interactive forum in which students may anonymously ask questions about the law and receive correct, factual information from volunteer attorneys.

Access to the Web site is free and adapted for South Carolina youth. There are quizzes, interactive games, cartoons, comics, law documents, links to other law related education Web sites and a searchable database on South Carolina law and how it affects young people. Students will find the Web site helpful in research projects and homework assignments, but can also use the site to play games and hear first-hand from their peers about law related incidents and how to best handle various situations.

To access the Web site, visit www.LawForKids.org. Click “other states” in the top right corner of the home page, then select South Carolina on the U.S. map. Users will then have the option of making the South Carolina site their permanent home page.

A free LawForKids.org training will take place July 22 in Columbia to learn in depth the resources available and learn how to implement in the classroom with opportunities to build lesson plans. Contact Marian Kirk at (803) 252-5139 or mkirk@scbar.org to register.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

teacher's corner
Have you reserved your copy? The new LRE Training catalog is now available. Don’t miss out on the many training opportunities coming this summer.

project citizen (click here to learn more)

Description: We the People: Project Citizen is a curricular program for elementary, middle and high school students as well as youth groups that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government. The program helps young people learn how to monitor and influence public policy (a school rule or state law). In the process, they develop support for democratic values and principles, tolerance and feelings of political efficacy.

What's New: The Project Citizen Showcase took place at the S.C. Bar April 17-18, 2008. The showcase allowed students the opportunity to learn about public policy and make change in their school and/or communities. This year’s entries included topics such as traffic congestion, recycling, traffic light, animal care, restaurant smoking bans and much more. The 2008 Project Citizen Showcase winner for middle school is York One Academy from York, and the winner for high school is Chapin High School from Chapin. The winner of the middle school competition will represent South Carolina at the National Legislators Conference this summer.

If you want to learn more about Project Citizen and how to make change in your school and/or community, you can take a free two-day training on Project Citizen June 10-11 or attend a free week-long institute in Clemson July 13-18.

If your students have worn out your Project Citizen books and you need a replacement set, e-mail Cynthia Cothran at ccothran@scbar.org to get a new FREE classroom set of 30 textbooks as well as a teacher’s guide.

Interested in starting this program at your school? Click here for dates and registration information.

we the people (click here to learn more)

Description: We the People is an in-depth study of American history with an emphasis on understanding the formation of the Constitution and its interpretation throughout history. Students compete in a mock congressional hearing and discuss critical issues regarding American government, the founding fathers and current events based on a constitutional perspective.

What's New: Scholars Academy was the state winner of the 2008 We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Mock Congressional Hearing. Scholars Academy will represent South Carolina at the national championship in Washington, DC, May 2-6. Congratulations to all the teams that participated in this competition, as these students not only learned about the Constitution, but also gained some skills that will take them through life!

Interested in starting this program at your school? Click here for dates and registration information.

“You can't force commitment, what you can do ... You nudge a little here, inspire a little there, and provide a role model. Your primary influence is the environment you create.”
—Peter Senge

middle school mock trial (click here to learn more)

Description: The Middle School Mock Trial Program is a hands-on exercise in learning about due process. It is a team activity program that is most often conducted as an extracurricular activity, but can also be incorporated into law, forensics or public speaking classes.

What's New: If you thought that mock trial was only for high school, then you thought wrong! Springfield Middle School from Fort Mill won its first state championship title in December, and the first runner-up was North Myrtle Beach. Free trainings will be offered to teachers interested in implementing this program July 22 and September 16. 

If you are planning next year’s schedule, the regional Middle School Mock Trial competition is planned for Saturday, November 22, and the state competition will be Saturday, December 6.

Interested in starting this program at your school? Click here for dates and registration information.

high school mock trial (click here to learn more)

Description: The High School Mock Trial Program is a hands-on exercise in learning about due process. It is most often conducted as an extracurricular activity but can also be incorporated into law, forensics or public speaking classes.

What's New: Fourteen teams advanced to state High School Mock Trial competition at the Matthew J. Perry Federal Courthouse March 7-8. Berkeley High School won the state championship title, and Dutch Fork High School came in as first runner-up. Berkeley High School not only has the proud honor of winning its eighth state championship title, but also will display the traveling Westbrook Award in its trophy case for the next year. Berkeley High School will represent South Carolina at the National High School Mock Trial Competition in Wilmington, DE May 8-11. Wish them luck as they compete at the highest level.

Don’t be left out from participating in this wonderful program. Free trainings will be offered to interested teachers July 22 and September 16.

If you are planning next year’s schedule, the regional High School Mock Trial competition is planned for Saturday, February 28, the state competition is planned for March 13-14 and and the national competition will be May 7-10 in Atlanta, GA.

Interested in starting this program at your school? Click here for dates and registration information.

youth court(click here to learn more)

Description: Do you know what one of the fastest growing youth diversion programs in the nation is? The answer is Youth Court. There are 35 separate youth courts serving many different communities and schools throughout South Carolina. In communities, Youth Court is a juvenile diversion option intended to keep young people with no criminal record out of the juvenile justice system, allowing them a second chance to maintain their clean juvenile records. In schools, Youth Court can handle actual criminal offenses in which the school resource officer is involved, or it can be inserted into the discipline code to handle violations of school rules. Youth Court functions like a traditional court with all the key roles in place. The difference is that all of those roles are played by youth.

What's New: More than 100 participants attended a Youth Court Summit conducted January 12, 2008, at the USC School of Law for existing and new Youth Courts throughout the state. Keynote speaker and president of the National Youth Court Association, Katie Self, from Sarasota, FL, kicked off the summit with a discussion on her passion for Youth Court and her appreciation for the many youth, adult coordinators and volunteers participating in this wonderful program.

Want to start a Youth Court at your school or in your community? Come to a free two day training to learn all about Youth Court July 23-24th.

Have you questioned the legalities of what you do as a teacher? Have you wondered how to deal with a situation that occurred at school, but don’t know what to do?

Law for Teachers is a program designed to give teachers an informative and practical guide to the legal issues they face every day in the classroom. Understanding the laws that apply to teachers covers many important components that apply to teachers of all disciplines. Beyond providing ample information to teachers, the best part about the training is that the presenters present on all subjects in a manner that a layperson can understand. And, the discussions are not specific to any region of the state, but are based on state laws as a whole. Another great feature incorporated into the trainings is that the information includes updates to the laws.

Subject content of the three-day training includes discussions on:

  • legal foundations;
  • teacher contracts and due process rights;
  • disciplinary action on educator certificates;
  • tort liability;
  • harassment;
  • Title IV;
  • copyright issues (print, electronic, video and music);
  • First Amendment issues;
  • FERPA;
  • privacy issues;
  • PPRA;
  • general education laws;
  • student discipline;
  • special education; and
  • special education discipline.

A three-day training on Law for Teachers will be held June 16-18, 2008. Click here for registration information.

sro corner(click here to learn more)

Description: Looking for a curriculum that teaches communication skills and problem solving skills? Community Works is a program targeting middle and high school students that can be implemented in the classroom, after school or in most any other setting. It provides students with a practical understanding of crime and crime prevention that is useful in their everyday lives. It can function as a stand-alone program, or it can be incorporated into a classroom curriculum. The curriculum includes 31 highly interactive session, it involves community resource people, and it includes a service learning/action project component, if desired. This curriculum not only teaches teens to be resources for each other, but to interact positively with community members.

What's New: A two-day training on Community Works will be held October 16-17, 2008.

Interested in starting these programs at your school? Click here for registration information.

sro corner(click here to learn more)

Description: Street Law is a course in practical law. It was designed to provide students with knowledge of what to do when confronted with a legal problem. Information is presented through student-centered activities that enable teens to develop as effective citizens.  Most often, Street Law, is taught as a one-semester social studies elective or in place of a government course. The curriculum can also be used by teachers of a practical business law class. The curriculum is correlated to the state standards and is on the SC textbook adopted list.  The curriculum includes a teacher's manual as well as test banks.

What's New: Anyone in the mood for some "practical law"? Here is your chance. On June 12-13, 2008, a Street Law  training is being held. (Click here for registration information.)

“Many things can wait. Children cannot. Today their bones are being formed, their blood is being made, their senses are being developed. To them we cannot say ‘tomorrow.’ Their name is today.”
—Gabriela Mistral (Chilean teacher, 1899-1957)

awards(click here to learn more)
The school year cannot come to a close without recognizing some outstanding individuals and schools for their accomplishments with law related education. The following 2008 awards have been awarded:

LRE Middle School of the Year ($5,000): Lexington Middle School  
LRE High School of the Year ($5,000): Berkeley High School          
LRE Middle School Teacher of the Year ($1,000): Juanita Sanders      
LRE High School Teacher of the Year ($1,000): Yvonne Rhodes      
LRE Citizen of the Year ($1,000): Dr. Joseph Pitts                       
LRE Lawyer of the Year: Holly Wall                                               

High School Mock Trial Scholarships Winners ($500 each):
Emily Ashley  (Spring Valley HS)
Elizabeth Bales  (Blythewood HS)
Michelle Cote  (Fort Mill HS)    
Caitlin Ducate  (Blythewood HS)
Jeannie Marie Flick  (Greenwood HS)
Jasmine Horton  (Blythewood HS)
John Huston  (Seneca HS)  
Jane Landis  (Berkeley HS) 
Cooper Littlejohn  (Seneca HS)
Andra Oprisan  (Wando HS)                                                      
Hilary Ranieri  (Bob Jones)                                                              
Tsung Yu Tsai  (Wilson HS)                                                    

We the People Scholarship Winners ($500 each):            
Andrew Blaton  (Carolina Forest HS)
Africa Brown  (Carolina Forest HS)  
Amanda Cole  (Scholars Academy)  
Nueka Ekechkwu  (Carolina Forest HS)
Anthony Miller  (Carolina Forest HS)
Ashley Tietz  (Carolina Forest HS)

Want to get in on the recognition? Check out the LRE Web site to learn how to apply for these awards next year.

Grants, Grants and More Grants
If you haven’t heard the buzz, LRE has been awarding school grants. Daniel High School was able to help fund its mock trial team for both regional and state competitions with the funds, and this is just one example of many. The 2008-09 grant applications are currently under review and award announcements will be made soon.

bar foundation
LRE programs are made possible with the support of the South Carolina Bar Foundation's IOLTA grant and two program grants through the Center for Civic Education.
civic ed
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