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Foundations of Democracy
Training, July 24

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Mock Trial
Training, September 12

Project Citizen
Training, July 9
Training, September 25

Street Law
Training, August 6

Street Law for the SRO
Training, June 26—Greer
Training, July 11—Myrtle Beach

We the People
Training, July 18
Training, September 18

LRE Technology
Training, July 30

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Cynthia H. Cothran
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lre news

Welcome to the 17th edition of LRE News! We hope this newsletter has become a useful tool to you. It was created to provide information on LRE news, programs and events for those involved with LRE programs. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

LRE is a “one-stop” shop for teachers, SROs, pre-service teachers and attorneys. Professional development trainings are provided throughout the year on programs such as:

  • We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution;
  • We the People: Project Citizen;
  • Community Works;
  • Street Law;
  • Mock Trial;
  • Foundations of Democracy;
  • LawForKids.org; and
  • Law for Teachers.

Celebrate Constitution Day 2013—September 17th

  • Did you know that the U.S. Department of Education declared that any education institution receiving federal funds must offer lessons on the U.S. Constitution every year for Constitution Day? 
  • Do you have plans for Constitution Day this year?
  • Looking for fun curriculum, lesson plans and games to use in the classroom?

Events or programming can be designed as educators see fit to best emphasize this momentous event with their students. Need a free Constitution Day Pocket Book or a Constitution Day tool kit? Look no further: www.constitutionday.cc

Through participation in Constitution Day, students will increase their basic skills of listening, speaking, writing, reading, problem analysis, and many more attributes to include citizenship and awareness of their Constitution applicable to their daily lives. Read the Federal Register establishing Constitution Day at www.ed.gov/legislation/FedRegister/other/2005-2/052405b.html.

Other Constitution Day Resources:


Have you reserved your copy? The new LRE 2013 Training catalog is now available. Don’t miss out on the many training opportunities coming this summer and next fall.

It’s Back … the 2013 S.C. Supreme Court Institute
The S.C. Bar and S.C. Supreme Court proudly bring back the S.C. Supreme Court Institute June 17-21, 2013, in Columbia. The Institute is for middle and high school teachers who teach social studies, U.S. government and history. The Institute focuses on the S.C. Supreme Court and the branches of government. Attendees will learn how to bring South Carolina courts and the law to life for their students while interacting with educators, attorneys, judges and Supreme Court justices. Teachers will gain new interactive tools with which to teach students about the Court. This Institute includes a visit to the S.C. Supreme Court to hear oral arguments and an opportunity to speak with the justices afterward! A meet and greet with Chief Justice Jean H. Toal and fellow justices is included. The Institute includes panel discussions with judges representing various courts, a technology component working with various website resources, and an opportunity to build lesson plans to bring back to the classroom. This free Institute also includes a session on iCivics (www.iCivics.org).

2013 Mock Trial Skills Workshop
September 21, 2013 … Expanded to Include Middle and High School Student Sessions!

A Mock Trial Skills Workshop will be held in Columbia on September 21, 2013, for students, teacher coaches and attorney coaches. This year’s workshop includes general sessions for all students (middle and high) and breakout sessions for middle and high school students to attend separately. Students will have an opportunity to work with affidavits; role play; analyze video segments; examine rules of evidence; learning courtroom layout and etiquette, such as making and handling objections; review openings, closings, directs and crosses; and learn Mock Trial tips. The goal for all in attendance is to gain Mock Trial experiences and skills in a fun learning environment.  

Teacher and attorney coaches will be able to accompany their students throughout the day. Individual students wanting to attend the workshop not connected with a school delegation must be chaperoned by a parent. There is a maximum of 15 students per school, unless additional space is available after the deadline. No walk-ins will be accepted. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. A waiting list will be in place once capacity is reached.

Registration Fee Schedule: Students ($40 before June 30, $60 July 1-August 30), Teacher Coaches ($20), Attorney Coaches (Free), Chaperones (Free with no lunch or $10 with lunch)

Registration Deadline: All registrations with full payment are due no later than August 30, 2013 (postmarked date)

Sign up today and save!

Law for Teachers
Law for Teachers is a program designed to give teachers an informative and practical guide to the legal issues they face every day in the classroom. The creation of this unique training was derived from multiple requests submitted by teachers at other law related education trainings—teachers were interested in how the laws applied to them specifically in their profession. 

Understanding the law as it applies to the teaching profession is critical for teachers of all disciplines and grade levels. This program gives them the answers they need to ensure they are acting lawfully in their classrooms. Speakers for the program include attorneys from S.C. Dept. of Education, attorneys for school districts and contract attorneys hired by school districts.

Topics covered include the following:

  • General Education Laws
  • Tort Liability
  • Special Education
  • First Amendment Issues
  • Harassment
  • Bullying / Cyberbullying
  • Student Discipline
  • Teacher Contracts / Due Process Rights
  • Copyrights
  • Title IX

Awards & Recognition
The school year cannot come to a close without recognizing some outstanding individuals and schools for their accomplishments with law related education. 

The following 2013 awards were awarded:
LRE Elementary School of the Year ($2,500): Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary
LRE High School of the Year ($2,500): Wilson High School
LRE Middle School Teacher of the Year ($500): Joseph Friar (JET Middle School)
LRE High School Teacher of the Year ($500): Beverly DeMayo (Fort Mill High School)
LRE Citizen of the Year ($500): Jennifer Olinger
LRE Lawyer of the Year: Blair Ballard Massey

High School Mock Trial Scholarship Recipients ($500 each):
Scott DeMayo (Fort Mill High School)
Kennedy Hayes (North Myrtle Beach High School)
Gregory James (Johnsonville High School)
Mallory Miles (Johnsonville High School)
Stephanie Pacheco (North Myrtle Beach High School)
Kaitlyn Pugh (Strom Thurmond High School)
Margaret Stegal (Bob Jones Academy)
Robert Underwood (Lexington High School)

We the People Scholarship Recipient ($500 each):
Caitlin Brock (Carolina Forest High School)

Want to get in on the recognition? Check out the LRE website to learn how to apply for these awards next year.

Competition Dates for 2013/14
Middle School Mock Trial
Registration Opens Aug. 1 – Sept. 12, 2013
Rules Released August 1, 2013
Case Released August 30, 2013
Regionals Conway: November 2, 2013
Charleston, Greenville & Lexington: November 9, 2013
State (Lexington) December 6-7, 2013

We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution
Middle School Level (Columbia) January 9, 2014
High School Level (Columbia) January 9, 2014
Nationals (Washington, DC) TBD

High School Mock Trial
Registration Opens Aug. 1 – Nov. 1, 2013
Rules Released August 1, 2013
Case Released October 31, 2013
Regionals February 22, 2014
* Proposed Locations: Charleston, Columbia, Conway, Greenville, and Lexington
State (TBD) March 7-8, 2014
Nationals (Madison, Wisconsin) May 8 – 11, 2014

We the People: Project Citizen
Deadline for In-School or Skyped Presentations April 25, 2014

Don’t Forget About the Teacher Time Tracking Form to Redeem the Certificate of Hours!
The LRE Division appreciates all of the time and dedication given to the Mock Trial program. We know your students and their parents appreciate your commitment to the team, and your school would not be able to participate in Mock Trial competitions without great teachers like you. As a teacher who sponsored or assisted with a Mock Trial Team, LRE would like to show our appreciation with a participation certificate with the number of hours that were committed to the program.

This form was provided during the Mock Trial season to assist in tracking time committed to mock trial to include studying, reading, practicing and the actual hours on competition day(s). Make sure that your principal signs off on the completed form. To download the form, click here.


sro corner (click here to learn more)

Description: Looking for a curriculum that teaches communication and problem solving skills? Community Works is a program targeting middle and high school students that can be implemented in the classroom, after school or in most any other setting. It provides students with a practical understanding of crime and crime prevention that is useful in their everyday lives. It can function as a stand-alone program, or it can be incorporated into a classroom curriculum. The curriculum includes 31 highly interactive session, involves community resource people and includes a service learning/action project component, if desired. This curriculum not only teaches teens to be resources for each other, but to interact positively with community members.

What's New: A one-day training is planned for October 2013 in Beaufort. Click here to learn more.

emt (click here to learn more)


Description: Elementary Mock Trial is an excellent way to begin to introduce the concepts of justice and the judiciary through fairy tale trials. We all know the stories of Goldilocks, Paul Bunyan, The Three Little Pigs and others. Through materials from the American Bar Association supplied to elementary teachers by the South Carolina Bar LRE Division, upper elementary students can learn about the courts in an interactive fashion. For the majority of the trials, there are even puppets available for checkout from the S.C. Bar LRE Division.

What's New: The LRE Division has added many new puppets and cases to choose from when implementing Elementary Mock Trial and will come to schools that implement the program to videotape the students presenting the mock trial cases. For more information about the program, to review cases and choose puppets, click here.

fod (click here to learn more)

Description: Foundations of Democracy is a character education curriculum created by the Center for Civic Education. The curriculum is available for grades K-12 and addresses authority, responsibility, privacy and justice. The Center for Civic Education's mission is "to promote an enlightened and responsible citizenry, committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and other countries."  Students in South Carolina can benefit from this mission by becoming enlightened and active, responsible citizens while impacting the state through the implementation of this program. Through participation in this program, students will increase their basic skills of listening, speaking, writing, reading, problem analysis and awareness of the Constitution and how it is applicable to their daily lives.

What's New: A one-day training is planned for July 24, 2013. Stay tuned for further information.

high school mock trial (click here to learn more)

Description: The High School Mock Trial Program is a hands-on exercise in learning about due process. It is most often conducted as an extracurricular activity but can also be incorporated into law, forensics or public speaking classes.

What's New:Teams readily prepared to compete at their local regional High School Mock Trial competition on February 23 and state Mock Trial Competition on March 8-9.

Congratulations to North Myrtle Beach High School on its second state mock trial competition (2011 and 2013). Participating students from N. Myrtle Beach included Shannon Cherney, Lukas Gschwandtner, Kennedy Hayes, Courtni Hyatt, Brandon Lynch, Kacey Markarian, Allie Minarik, Stephanie Pacheco and Bailey Phillips. The teacher coaches were BJ DeCerbo and Amy Murphy. The attorney coaches were Josh Holford and Martin Spratlin. Mr. Holford is an alumnus of the Fort Mill High School Mock Trial team.

Congratulations is also extended to Fort Mill High School, first runner-up. Participating students from Fort Mill included Lauren Barnes, Holli Credit, Morgan Deal, Scott DeMayo, Stephen DeMayo, Devin Fiorenza, Zac Kolat, Nick Kulesa, Rhea Mathew, Hailey Morris, Jeffrey Parham, Raven Rascoe, Ivey Wambach and JaQuell Wilson. The teacher coach was Beverly DeMayo. The attorney coaches were Walter Dusky, Garret Johnson and Ryan Newkirk, all of whom are alumni of Fort Mill High School’s Mock Trial team.

Who knows, maybe it will be your school taking home the traveling Westbrook Award to display in your school’s trophy case for the 2013-14 school year! Would you like to take it to the next level and represent South Carolina at the National High School Mock Trial Competition in Madison, Wisconsin May 8-11, 2014? If so, make sure you are not left out from participating in this wonderful program.

For the third year, two additional categories allowed students who would not typically have participated in Mock Trial an opportunity to display their talents through art or writing. The winning Courtroom Sketch Artist was Elissa Na from Bob Jones Academy. The winning Courtroom Journalist was Ya Fang from Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics. Congratulations to both students for continuing a path for other students to follow. It is hoped that all student participants enjoyed these competition components.

Mock Trial — Big Thank You
Congratulations and many, many thanks to the following dedicated teachers who generously gave their time and energy to mentor students who participated in the 2013 High School Mock Trial program.

Schools Teacher Coaches
AC Flora High School John Heider, David Adams
Aiken High School Emily Geyer
Berkeley High School Katy Bates
Blythewood High School Susie Neal, Martha Anne Boseski, Pepper Busbee
Bob Jones Academy Michael Murphy, Jennifer Olinger and Valerie Myers
C.E. Murray High School Allen Keels, Jr.
Carolina Forest High School Anthony Antolak, Judith Giganti, and Katherine Meade
Chapin High School Brantley Brinkley
Christ Church Episcopal School Thomas Shingler
Dreher High School Robert Lominack
Dutch Fork High School Molly Dawson
Edisto High School Andrew Londergan and Claire Grogan
Early College High School Will Chappell and Samantha Lohr
Fort Dorchester High School William W. Dowd
Fort Mill High School Beverly DeMayo
Governor's School for Science & Mathematics Gary Salazar
Greenville High School Anderson M. Horne
Greenville Technical Charter High School David Gantt
Greenwood High School Christopher Guire and Michael White
Hilton Head Christian Academy Karen Kopitsky
Johnsonville High School Amanda McKee
Lexington High School Karen Ray
Mid-Carolina High School Jeffrey Eargle, Jessica Chamberlain, Frances Meetze
Montessori High School of Anderson Susan I. Johnson
Myrtle Beach High School Melissa Buckner
Nation Ford High School Jimmy Fitzpatrick and Dawn Lisk
North Augusta High School Rick Gill and Jane Monroe
North Myrtle Beach High School Robert Decerto and Amy Murphy
Seneca High School Cynthia Carlisle, Elizabeth McCauley, and Nan Jones
Socastee High School Jackie Gorcesky, Ami-lyn Ward, Gina Gile
Spring Valley High School John Robertson and Link Graham
St. Francis Xavier High School Emily Baker
Strom Thurmond High School Denise Jackson, Jeff Bryan and Steven McKinney
Summerville High School Jim Lewis
Waccamaw High School Matt Vassallo
Wade Hampton High School Tori Hayes
Wando High School Sally Wallace and Phyllis Gildea
Westminster-Catawba Christian School Debbie Holford
Wilson High School Jill Young and Laura Anne Hofler
Woodmont High School Mark Davis
York Preparatory Academy Ray Tyler

Free Mock Trial webinars are available online anytime, and in-person training will be offered September 12, 2013. Click here to learn more.

Competition Dates for 2013/14
Registration Opens Aug. 1 – Nov. 1, 2013
Rules Released August 1, 2013
Case Released October 31, 2013
Regionals February 22, 2014
* Proposed Locations: Charleston, Columbia, Conway, Greenville, and Lexington)
State (TBD) March 7-8, 2014
Nationals (Madison, Wisconsin) May 8 – 11, 2014

Mock Trial Now on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Mock Trial is now on various social media sites. Get in the know by checking us out today.

“I think we are really preparing these children for success in college, and I think the competition you plan and manage is second to none … I’m very proud to be associated with the South Carolina Bar’s Mock Trial program.”
—Susan Johnson, Montessori School of Anderson

(click here to learn more)

Do your students have questions? Do they need answers? Don’t let the students go through life without knowing about this fabulous online program for kids. LawForKids.org is a Web site dedicated to teaching children about the law. It was created with the specific goal of educating South Carolina’s youth, parents, communities and schools about the law and to encourage lawful behavior. The site includes an interactive forum through which students may anonymously ask questions about the law and receive correct, factual information from volunteer attorneys.

Access to the site is free and adapted for South Carolina youth. There are quizzes, interactive games, cartoons, comics, law documents, links to other law related education sites and a searchable database on South Carolina law and how it affects young people. Students will find the site helpful in research projects and homework assignments, but can also use it to play games and hear first-hand from their peers about law related incidents and how to best handle various situations.

To access the site, visit sc.lawforkids.org. Click “other states” in the top right corner of the home page, and then select South Carolina on the U.S. map. Users will then have the option of making the South Carolina site their permanent home page. 

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy

middle school mock trial (click here to learn more)

Description: The Middle School Mock Trial Program is a hands-on exercise in learning about due process. It is a team activity program that is most often conducted as an extracurricular activity, but can also be incorporated into law, forensics or public speaking classes.

What's New: Forestbrook Middle School from Myrtle Beach is still on cloud nine after its third state championship title in December 2012. First runner-up was Ocean Bay Middle School, also from Myrtle Beach.

Competition Dates for 2013/14
Registration Opens Aug. 1 – Sept. 12, 2013
Rules Released August 1, 2013
Case Released August 30, 2013
Regionals Conway: November 2, 2013
Charleston, Greenville & Lexington: November 9, 2013
State (Lexington) December 6-7, 2013

Mock Trial Now on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Mock Trial is now on various social media sites. Get in the know by checking us out today.

project citizen (click here to learn more)

Description: We the People: Project Citizen is a curricular program for elementary, middle and high school students as well as youth groups that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government. The program helps young people learn how to monitor and influence public policy (a school rule or state law). In the process, they develop support for democratic values and principles, tolerance and feelings of political efficacy.

What's New: The Project Citizen in-school presentations took place throughout the school year. The presentations allowed students the opportunity to identify an issue in their school, community or state that was to be addressed. Congratulations to Lonnie B. Nelson’s ACE program with Ms. Bryan’s fifth grade class for winning the 2013 Project Citizen State Championship title at the middle school level. The students proposed "’Bee’ Safe at the Hive in the Traffic Line,” which addressed the need for improved drop-off and pick-up procedures in the car pick up line at schools. Congratulations to Early College High School’s program with Ms. Lohr’s class for winning the 2013 Project Citizen State Championship title at the high school level. The students proposed “Green Laser Pointers,” which addressed the need for more strict laws regarding the misuse of green laser points. LRE is especially proud of all the students and teachers that participated in the Project Citizen program.

Interested in starting this program at your school? Click here for dates and registration information for trainings.

Competition Dates for 2013/14
Deadline for In-School or Skyped Presentations April 25, 2014

sro corner (click here to learn more)

Description: Street Law is a course in practical law. It was designed to provide students with knowledge of what to do when confronted with a legal problem. Information is presented through student-centered activities that enable teens to develop as effective citizens.  Most often, Street Law, is taught as a one-semester social studies elective or in place of a government course. The curriculum can also be used by teachers of a practical business law class. The curriculum is correlated to the state standards and is on the SC textbook adopted list.  The curriculum includes a teacher's manual as well as test banks.

What's New: A training specifically designed for the school resource officer is scheduled for June 26 in Greer and July 11 in Myrtle Beach. A training for teachers in Street Law is scheduled for August 6. Click here to learn more.

we the people (click here to learn more)

Description: We the People is an in-depth study of American history with an emphasis on understanding the formation of the Constitution and its interpretation throughout history. Students compete in a mock congressional hearing and discuss critical issues regarding American government, the founding fathers and current events based on a constitutional perspective.

What's New:Carolina Forest High School and St. Anthony Catholic School won the S.C. Bar Law Related Education (LRE) Division’s We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution high school and middle school competitions (respectively) on Thursday, Jan. 10. This marks Carolina Forest’s fourth state title. The runners-up at the high school level were Wando High School and Wilson Hall, and the runners-up at the middle school level were Dent Middle School and St. Anne Catholic School.

Students from Carolina Forest High School included Sam Barrett, Caitlyn Brock, Malachi Cleary, Shelby Clemmer, Melinda Custer, Meagan Denny, Kyle Gibson, Austin Goodwin, Logan Hensley, Jordan Kent, Josh Kleman, Oliver Lentz, Andrew McDowell, Erin Naples, Lanie Reudy, Hayden Rothenberg, Danielle Schreoder, Olivia Trio, Tyler Vealy, AnaViera, Jeremy Walden, Isaac Wathen, Jessica Watts, Ashlynne Weagraff and Alicia Wideman. The teacher coach was JJ Iagulli.

Students from St. Anthony Catholic School included Nick Anderson, Nathan Guevarra, Mary Kooper, Emily Kozacki,Claire McLeod, Joel Poinsette, Elizabeth Roach, Caroline Spence, Nicole Barber, Elizabeth Frost, Jake Lewis and Cameron Spence. The teacher coach was Patti Odom.

Carolina Forest High School competed in the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution National Finals April 26-30 at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.
A huge thank you is extended to everyone who made the competition a success!

To register for FREE trainings on We the People, click here for dates and registration information.

Ebooks Now Available for Any Device
The Center for Civic Education’s We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution textbook and American Legacy pocket constitution are now available through Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo and Barnes & Noble Nook. This means that teachers and students can access We the People through any popular device, such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, PC or Mac. Amazon and Apple offer volume discounts. Click here for more details. In addition, the Center offers low-priced online editions through its We the People Ebooks website. Call the Center at (818) 591-9321 for details.

Competition Dates for 2013/14
Middle School Level (Columbia) January 9, 2014
High School Level (Columbia) January 9, 2014
Nationals (Washington, DC) TBD

“Great workshop!  I can’t wait to use this program in my classroom.”  
—Teacher Participant

“Thanks for putting together such a great competition … we enjoyed ourselves very much.” —JJ Iagulli, Carolina Forest High School

youth court (click here to learn more)

Description: Do you know what one of the fastest growing youth diversion programs in the nation is? The answer is Youth Court. There are 35 separate youth courts serving many different communities and schools throughout South Carolina. In communities, Youth Court is a juvenile diversion option intended to keep young people with no criminal record out of the juvenile justice system, allowing them a second chance to maintain their clean juvenile records. In schools, Youth Court can handle actual criminal offenses in which the school resource officer is involved, or it can be inserted into the discipline code to handle violations of school rules. Youth Court functions like a traditional court with all the key roles in place. The difference is that all of those roles are played by youth.

What's New: With the reinvigoration of the S.C. Youth Court Association, the S.C. Bar now serves as a clearinghouse for information and a resource for reaching the S.C. Youth Court Association. For a list of Youth Court publications held by the S.C. Bar, please e-mail Donald Lanier at dlanier@scbar.org.

“Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.” —Ann Lieberman

bar foundation
LRE programs are made possible with the support of the South Carolina Bar Foundation's IOLTA grant and two program grants through the Center for Civic Education.
civic ed


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